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I sell tickets

Do you own a museum, swimming, amusement park or do you organize events? Then LeisureKing is what you need for your organisation. LeisureKing enables your customer to easily purchase tickets online – that way the customer has all the necessary information at once, preventing long queues at the check-out. Payment is made in advance which reduces the chances of cancellation by the customer. LeisureKing also enables automatically sending e-mails, containing the latest necessary information one week in advance, to the customer.

But what about unique barcodes?

LeisureKing produces the tickets and therefore takes care of unique barcodes. Do you already have tickets with existing barcodes? Not to worry, those barcodes can also be added to the system. LeisureKing also provides the scanning equipment, ensuring on-location preparation. The booking process has various upsell-possibilities for the customer as well, which will considerably increase the turnover. In addition, it’s also possible to add your own shop stock to the system.

What extras does LeisureKing provide?

The use of the system is entirely free of charge and in 3 steps you could be bookable online – starting tomorrow. But that’s not all. LeisureKing allows you to also automatically reach more potential customers because your tickets are also sold to hotel receptions, campsites, holiday parks and Tourist offices in the region. LeisureKing therefore makes it possible for your services to be linked to other platforms that want to resell your services, including

Advantages LeisureKing tickets at a glance:

- Bookable online in 3 steps –starting tomorrow - No monthly costs
- LeisureKing produces the tickets
- LeisureKing provides the scanning equipment
- Option to indicate maximum capacity
- Wider range through automatic ticket sale via various platforms

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