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LeisureKing is a system that will make the difference in your organisation, big or small. The difference between old-fashioned operational management where customers are not able to make reservations or pay online or a company that is ready for the contemporary consumer. An organisation that supplies the demand of the customer and can service this fast, easy and specifically.

One big advantage is that automatizing your reservation and stock system will save you a considerable amount of time; time you can use in coming up with new activities and events. In short: doing what you’re good at! This way you will stay one (digital) step ahead of the competition! Another bonus: because the client reserves and pays in advance the possibility increases that the client will actually show up thus enabling you to realize a better turnover.


Next to software for the leisure branch, LeisureKing biedt also offers possibilities to seize an opportunity in the field of marketing. One of the big advantages of LeisureKing software is that we are currently developing links to a number of booking websites. This means that your services are directly linked to a larger platform with a bigger reach to be able to offer your activities and services to the consumer. More support and reach for your company with less effort; everything is automatized with LeisureKing and all bookings and payments go through your reservation system and automatically decreasing your stock.


LeisureKing’s CRM is free. Set your sock and manually ad reservation without charge. We will only charge costs for online reservations. These so-called transaction costs are 2% of the online reservation with a minimum of € 0.99 and a maximum of € 3.99. Standard procedure is that the customer pays for these costs, but you can also op to pay for the transaction costs yourself. Therefore you have no fixed monthly charges or complicated contracts when using LeisureKing. Can be cancelled daily, without costs. Clear, simple and transparent.


LeisureKing offers you insight on all fronts. For example: you have multiple branches but the stock is not visible at a glance? Do you want to know which turnovers are really being generated per branch? Do you want to know which activities are the real bestsellers? LeisureKing shows online which reservations have been made, which materials are available and if any payments have been received. By using LeisureKing you generate a higher turnover and you will also safe on personnel costs. On top of that: using LeisureKing enables you to book activities directly from your colleagues bent u in the All directly online, without the use of phone or email. If you manage a holiday village or run a hotel you will also have the opportunity to see online if your suppliers have certain activities available. Your guest can of course also book these activities during their stay in your accommodation, which will only enhance the enjoyment of your guests during their stay in your accommodation.


Whether you offer outdoor activities or bicycles, motor scooters, boats, tuk tuks, scooters, canoes, etc.: the maintenance and stock management of your material deserves much time and attention. Stock management is of great importance, a lot of material has to be rented because that is what you trade with. Imagine that this entire process would be done digitally: the customer reserves the material via your own website and pays via mobile phone or tablet. All online! No unnecessary phone calls, emails, paper calendars anymore. This efficient digital progress saves you a lot of time in the reservation trajectory, time you can spend on the fun part of entrepreneurship! Using LeisureKing also means complying with the wishes of the contemporary consumer who is used to digital reservations and payments in daily life.

In short: an efficient, effective system for everyone in the greatest industry in the world: the leisure industry!

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